Monday, August 8, 2016

4 months with Lilly Grace and Back to Work for Momma

4 months-- it doesn't seem possible that this beauty is already 4 months old. A day doesn't go by where we don't smile because of you. At 4 months, Lilly Grace is rolling up on either side, so close to actually rolling over, she's sleeping long stretches at night, a few all through the night, and she's put herself on a regular schedule. She loves watching her big brother play, and is constantly chewing on things, especially her hands, teething already. She enjoys bath time and riding in the car. She is full of smiles, coos, and a few giggles. LG likes  tummy time and loves naptime. She also loves to sit and stand up to see everything.  And this momma is sad to be going back to work this week after 4 solid months with this cutie.

Lilly Grace's 4 month wellness visit went well today, all things considered. Silly shots are no fun. She's in the 62% and 64% for weight and height. We go back in 2 months for her 6 month check up. 6 months? Are we sure that's right?! How is this possible? Didn't I just have her? Wasn't it just April? Ugh..I strongly dislike the month of August, mainly because I don't like to leave my babies. Back to work after 4 months with this sweet smiley lil cuddle bug is going to be very hard. I have some great friends and family ready to help me get back to it, but oh man is it breaking my heart. I do miss my work friends, but can I please just bring LG to work with me? I mean they'll hardly notice her, she's so good. Now, Lucas on the other hand-well he'd just keep us entertained.

This has certainly been a tough summer in some ways, brother being 2.5 and adjusting to a new baby-some days I was so ready for nap, but all things considered, he's adjusted rather well. I am excited to watch these two grow-I don't want them to get bigger, but if they're going to do it, I better enjoy it along the way. Lucas and Lilly Grace share a bond and love that I didn't grow up with, and I am excited to see it grow and strengthen over time. I am sad to this summer go, and sad my endless baby snuggles will be confined to after school and weekends, but just know that's where you can find me.

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